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Is LampCms Really A Good Script ??



Hello Friends,

I'm Planning To Start A Q & A Website Which Is Based On Debit, Credit, Lawyers, Business And Investment Niche, But Because Of My Very Limited Budget I'm Searching For The Free, Open Source Scripts And Software's, And I Finally End up With The Lamp Cms. Because I Liked It Features And The Design Of Lampcms Were Pretty Nice, And It Looks Better Then The Osqa, Q2a, Ask Robot, But While I'm Reading Though The Reviews On Internet About Lamp Cms, I finded That This Script Is Full Of Bugs, It Hard To Manage, It Is Written On Complicated Languages Like Python Etc, And It Doesn't Support The Shared Hosting And The Webmaster May Require The Good Skills On Programming And Technical Issues..,And The Admin/ Webmaster May Require An Dedicated Server Hosting On Running This Script, So I'm Scarring About This Reviews, So That Is This Reviews Are Really True ??, Is The Webmaster / Admin Really Need Good Programing And technical Skills?, Is This Script Really Need Dedicated Server ? Because Of My Very limited Budget I Ain't Able To Bare The Dedicated Servers And Skilled Developers And Technicians, And I'm Only Excel In Promoting Of Business, Search Engine Optimization And Socialization, And I Just Only Have The Enough Budget For Shared Hosting , So Is This Script Really Fine For Me??, If Not Please Suggest me The One Good And Reliable Script..

Raja Koppula
The Plenty Pocket
Edited Nov 13, 2013 04:55 AM
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asked November 13, 2013 at 4:37 AM


3 Answers

Well frankly speaking lampcms is not a vital script and definitely not recommended for professional and high end websites. It has loads of bugs which should be handled carefully in order to have a nice one. However, I would suggest you to go for WordPress for creating question and answer website.  You can use from plenty of available question and answer WordPress themes from places like to create such sites.
Edited Mar 11, 2015 06:52 AM
answered March 11, 2015 at 6:49 AM
Yeah agree wholeheartedly with John on this one. If you want an "easy" package try questions2answers. I think they have one of the largest installed user bases and a reasonable number of custom modules from alternative sources.

As an example I have been bashing my head on this software for the better part of 6 hours and cannot get it to work. I'm not a programmer or sys admin but I got Question2Answer working in the claimed 5 minutes.

So why am I bashing my head against the wall here? Because I always seem to gravitate to the underdog, specially when they are trying to produce something different. Not to mention the fact that I hate ANY latency in web pages or searches and the architecture of this project caught my eye. Q2A is a no brainer if you want to support 50,000 questions but what happens after that?
answered December 13, 2013 at 9:02 PM
Yes, I don't know any shared host that supports mongoDB, you need a dedicated server or VPS to run this script

You also need to be familiar with Linux Server and be able to configure some complicated things (complicated if you're not familiar with administration of webserver). This is not wordpress, any idiot can run wordpress in 1 click from a shared host Cpanel. Running LampCMS takes more knowledge, or you can hire others to do the work for you.

Raja, you said you are "very limited" on funds...why start a site if you don't have the money? You should save money first and when you are doing good financially then you can start any site you want in your spare time.

Good luck
answered December 12, 2013 at 9:38 PM

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