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nginx and apache together


I've been going over this thread
And have been trying real hard to follow Dimitri's advice and have setup the server as follows:-

Nginx as php processor and Apache as static file processor 'because of it's powerful in-memory cache module'.

I've now bought a clean lamp VPS with 4gig ram, 40gig hd. and am struggling to find how to setup the server this way. All advice on the internet has the 2 roles reversed. Nginx as static and Apache as Php processor.

Can anyone please guide me here to follow Dimitris' advised setup?

Thank you in advance

P.S. I also have an application I was hoping to bring onto this server, but because it currently uses extensive .htaccess manipulation I'm thinking the above configuration will mean I won't be able too. Is this correct?

thanx again
asked March 29, 2013 at 8:36 PM

Can someone please help on setting up a new VPS in the way Dmitri describes here:- Getting desperate as I've paid $300 for this VPS and the 30 day trial period is almost up and I haven't even started to play with Dmitri's Q and A yet Thanks to anyone in advance.
Apr 12, 2013 02:45 AM

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