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Updated the loading mask



Updated the way "Loading mask" is rendered.
Now using YUI3 with AUI Loading mask module,

This was yet another feature moved from old YUI2 based older js library to the new YUI3
Also now can target which div the loading modal will cover, will never cover the entire page, at most it will cover everying in the main div but will never cover anything in header. This way even is the loading is stuck on something it will still be possible to click the links in header - like the "Home" link.

Also for posting question and answer only the div that holds the html form is covered with the loading panel. This prevents from clicking on submit button twice while the rest of the page is still unaffected and other links can be clicked.

Now only 2 functions are left in the old YUI2 script - modal based registration form (this will be the hardest to move to YUI3) and the "Tweet" window.

I will work on moving the "Tweet" Window to the new YUI3 based UI soon, it is not difficult.

asked March 9, 2011 at 8:29 AM


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