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Answers are only displaying for admin


I'm working on my first LampCMS site and seeing a super weird issue. When I post a new answer as a normal user then refresh the page, my answer is not displayed. If I try to repost the same answer, I get an error message about duplicate answers.

However, if I log in with my admin account, I can see the answers displayed. I'm sure this one is an issue with my setup, but I'm not even sure where to start with this one. Any ideas?
asked November 27, 2012 at 1:35 PM

Are you using the latest version or have you upgraded existing version to the latest version lately?
Nov 27, 2012 06:12 PM

1 Answer

If you upgraded the existing Lampcms installation to the latest version then it could be related to an upgrade, otherwise this should not be happening for a new installation.

The newest version that was just released and uploaded in a zip file has a new "moderation" feature.
The way it works is a post from a new user has to be approved by an administrator before it is seem by everyone.
Administrator and Moderator accounts are still able to see all questions and answers, even the ones with the pending status. The reason for this is that admin or moderator will be able to approve the post by clicking on a small icon (check mark icon under the post).
If the post is a spam then admin or moderator will just delete that post instead of approving it and can also ban the poster at the same time.

If you upgraded an existing program with this new version then your database does not have the requires i_status field and you have to run the Mongo Shell upgrade from the Settings page while logged in as admin.

Also it's strange that you are not seeing the "Pending moderator approval" notice on the pending posts when you log in as admin. This would be the case if you upgraded only the library but did not upload new templates.

answered November 27, 2012 at 6:58 PM
This is a fresh install, but I've been toying with the MongoDB a bit to try to fix some issues. I'll try wiping my current install and reinstalling the latest version to see if that fixes the issue.
Nov 28, 2012 08:26 AM

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